Using lyx to write a book

Writing Your Thesis in LyX — A Setup Guide Tangentially / A.

Ly X has been mentioned in both the real world written press, and in the electronic press.

LyX and Lulu Linux Journal

Custom paragraph styles and custom character styles are indispensible for the book author, and unfortunately the Lyx methods to accomplish these two necessities are horrendously underdocumented.

Self-publishing with <b>LYX</b>

Publish a book with LyX Gadget Magazine

Follow @Linux User Mag Be it documentation, a vanity project or an advocacy strategy for your open source project, the printed book still has a lot of life left in it and print-on-demand (POD) has revolutionised indie book publishing in recent times.

<b>LyX</b> and Lulu Linux Journal
Book desn - LaTeX template for typesetting a novel - TeX - LaTeX.

I am just in the process of finishing writing my Ph D, which I wrote entirely in Ly X.An Idiosyncratic Review of LyX I used to be undecided, but now I'm.

Using lyx to write a book:

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